New York Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

The New York Child Support calculator is a worksheet you can use to estimate the amount of child support you may owe (or may be owed).  The amount you come up with will just be an estimate – the court may come up with a different amount based on your particular circumstances.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Download (PDF, 474KB)

Step 2: Enter your Annual Income

Step 3: Check the guidelines to obtain your Approximate Basic Child Support Obligation
Step 4: Subtract the Approximate Basic Support Obligation from the Annual Income
Step 5: If the amount is greater than or equal to $15,890 (the 2015 self-support reserve) enter the amount on line 7 of the worksheet – this is the basic support obligation

Step 6: If the amount is less than $15,890 (the 2015 self-support reserve) but greater than or equal to $11,770 (the 2015 poverty income guideline amount for a single person), proceed to step 4.

Step 7: If the amount is less than $11,770 (the 2015 poverty income guideline amount for a single person), enter $300 on line 7 on the worksheet. No further calculations are necessary.

Download (PDF, 858KB)