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This post will show you some of the most popular Java frameworks of 2020. While there are more than just 10 such frameworks, the ones listed and discussed stick out. Features and ease of use are some of the rationales used for qualification. The best software performance articles from java desktop application frameworks around the web delivered to your inbox each week. Raygun crash reporting and error monitoring is easily available with raygun4java. Raygun4java is a library that you can easily add to your Java application, which will then allow you to transmit all exceptions to your Raygun dashboard.

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Java provides you with choices that support you to Cloud develop applications that mean that it will be utilized in the SaaS, LaaS and PaaS development. Play is commonly compared to powerful internet frameworks of alternative programming languages, like Ruby on Rails for Ruby, or Django for Python. It additionally resembles the net frameworks of scripting languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. JHipster is a newer Java framework released in 2013 that brings the Spring Boot. And therefore the 2 most well-liked front-end frameworks Angular and React along, in one handy application With JHipster. You will be able to quickly generate fashionable Java-based internet applications and microservices.

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it’s easy to understand design because it does not depend on any third party libraries or introduces several layers. The blade relies on Java 8 and therefore the Netty web server and guide engine are developed into the framework, too. Java is originally designed for interactive television but at that time it is too advance for the digital television industry. However, Java frameworks support to focus on the business logic of your app besides writing basic functionality. Some people compress with Python and Java because they have no idea what exactly Python and Java are.

  • Apache Java GUI is an opensource platform for developing installable internet applications.
  • But there are a lot of frameworks out there which have various applications.
  • You get all that along with other aspects that determine how good users will find your applications, regardless of the Java framework you fancy.
  • The Cocoa Framework will help you comply with Apple’s strict guidelines.
  • There is also the SWT GUI framework which has strong roots in AWT.
  • Upon initiation, Jetty, a server, works from within the project.

Though EJB 3.0 spoiled the party a bit, Hibernate is still a great Java persistence framework and worth learning. Projects either use JEE or Spring for development, and Hibernate fits well with Spring. No doubt that Spring MVC is the best Java web development framework to date. In many ways, Spring made Java development more comfortable, streamlined, and gives it much needed a boost. Spring, on its core, provides an IOC container, which takes responsibility for managing System objects and wiring them together, but that’s just one of the Spring functionality. I have seen so many resumes that are not considered for interviews because there is no mention of Spring, Struts, or Maven.

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Also, if you have some experience with Java, you can get started quickly. The frameworks all use the same syntax and work with similar terms, paradigms, and concepts. There are some disadvantages though, including the fact that Swing requires Java 2 to run, and if you don’t have the efficient code, it will be slow to run. In addition, components made in Swing that are designed to look like native components may not act as native components should.

Is JavaFX front end?

JavaFX is often considered a front-end platform. The Java Platform is the number one development platform for enterprise applications.

The development focus is moving towards Web and Mobile, so we shouldn’t expect any considerable efforts from framework vendors for Desktop. For smaller and medium sized apps it makes sense to use JavaFX 2 that does not use a differnt language, java desktop application frameworks you can start of by some of the basic tutorials . My conclusion was/is that there simply are no frameworks that can do for your desktop-application, what any of the bazillion great WEBframeworks can do for your webapplication.

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React Native Windows is a fork of React Native with official Microsoft support for writing Windows desktop applications. Creating a JavaScript application and loading it in the JavaFX WebView benefits a lot in development. Such development can make use of standard APIs, and leverage the world-class browser engine and there are no extra dependencies and tools to create platform-specific installers. Several notable desktop applications like Slack, WordPress, GitHub Desktop are built on Electron. Swing provides a comprehensive set of GUI components and services which enables the development of commercial-quality desktop and Internet/Intranet applications. Java 2D is a set of classes for advanced 2D graphics and imaging.

Its built-in Ajax functionality allows you to update parts of your page in real-time, without requiring you to write any JavaScript code. Component paths are session-relative, and URLs don’t reveal any sensitive information. If you want to see how Wicket works in real life, check out the Built with Apache Wicket blog where you can see some nice examples. It follows the MVC software design pattern and has a plugin-based architecture. Plugins make it possible to extend the framework to fit with different project needs.

Thoughts On 5 Best Frameworks For Desktop Application Development

I recommend using WPF for your scenario if you need build a rich UI with audio/video/imaging sort of capabilities. I love Desktop Applications because I think the challenges are more interesting than in a typical web development. In a web application, I find myself dealing with Databases, ORM frameworks, Identity, and Authorization. In Desktop Applications there are usually more logical, algorithmic type of problems, multi-threading issues, and a lot of UI work . Desktop Application Development for Windows is full of complexity like any software solution. We covered some of the most important decisions in an application’s architecture but there are other considerations likeLocalization, Testing,User Settings,Database and so on.

Check our article “Windows 10 apps development” dedicated to building software products using UWP. I don’t know of any framework as such, but Netbeans provides a drag and drop wizard for Swing components. Eclipse also has similar plugin but it is based on the Netbeans plugin.

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That’s a big subject, I’ll have to write a whole article about it. The short version is uploading an installer file to a fixed network location. The manifest file will include a version number and a hash of the installer. That’s a security measure to authenticate the installer came from you. Then, the desktop application checks for new versions all the time. If a newer version exists, it downloads the installer file and runs it locally.

Cocoa is the original framework for the development of native MacO. The Spring Framework is probably the most well-known Java framework out there, with a huge ecosystem and an active community around it. It allows you to build enterprise-level Java applications, web services, and microservices. Under GraphQL the hood, Play is built on top of the Akka toolkit that simplifies the creation of concurrent and distributed applications on the Java Virtual Machine. As a result, Play uses a fully asynchronous model that leads to better scalability, especially because it also follows the statelessness principle.

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