North Dakota Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

The North Dakota Child Support Calculator is a .pdf worksheet. It is a method to help parents determine how much they may be owed or may have to pay. The calculation, however, is a mere estimation and may be different from the amount ordered by the court.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Download (PDF, 1.16MB)

Step 2: Using the attached Schedules, enter the following information:

  • Enter the gross income and the amount imputed from Schedule A to get the gross annual employment income
  • Enter any other gross income, if any, as set forth in the worksheet
  • Enter in any net self employment income, if any.
  • Add together to get the Total Gross Annual Income
  • Enter any deductions and subtract from Total Gross Annual Income to get the total net annual income
  • Divide by 12 to get the total net monthly income
  • Enter number of children and the guidelines amount.
  • Enter any split parenting, multiple families, extended parenting time or foster care numbers from the schedules to get the total child support amount.

Download (PDF, 3.14MB)