New Mexico Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

New Mexico Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The New Mexico child support calculator is an online interactive estimation of potential child support payments. New Mexico also has a manual worksheet which you can use to calculate amounts yourself. Keep in mind that these calculations result in an estimate only  – the actual amount may vary.

How to Calculate:

Step 1: Go to this site and click “next”

child support worksheet

Step 2: On the next page enter the case number if you have one, otherwise click “next”

Step 3: On the next page, click your county.

child support worksheet3

Step 4: On the next page, enter information about the mother

Step 5: On the next page click whether the mother is the respondent or petitioner

child support worksheet5

Step 6: On the next page, enter the information about the father.

Step 7: On the next page, enter who the custodial parent is

child support worksheet7Step 8: Read the information on the next page regarding definition of gross income and click “next

Step 9: Enter the gross monthly income for both parents on the next page

child support worksheet9

Step 10: Enter the nuber of children on the next page.

child support worksheet10

Step 11: On the next page enter the amounts paid by each parent for child’s dental and health insurance premium

child support worksheet11Step 12: On the next page enter the work related childcare costs.

Step 13: Read the instructions on the next page and click “next”

child support worksheet13

Step 14: On the next page, enter additional expenses.

child support worksheet14

Step 15: Enter the number of days each parent spends with the child on the next page

Step 16: On the next page click “Create form” to get your child support estimate.

The online worksheet is based on the child support guidelines.

Download (PDF, 135KB)