Maryland Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Maryland Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Maryland child support calculator is an online tool that assists people in estimating the amount they may owe in child support payments.  The calculator is based on the Maryland Child Support Guidelines promulgated by the state legislature.  The amount that you may calculate may or may not be the actual amount ordered as the court or the Child Support Enforcement Administration may have additional factors or amounts that may change the calculation.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Go to this webpage


Step 2: Read through disclaimer and click the box that you have read it and then click “agree and proceed”.  You will be brought to this page:

Step 4: Click “Child Support Guidelines Worksheet A” if one parent has primary physical custody.  You will be brought to this fillable page.


Step 5: Enter the following information in order to obtain a calculation:

  • Enter the number of minor children
  • Enter the monthly actual income for each parent (Before taxes)
  • Minus pre-existing child support payment actually paid
  • Minus alimony actually paid
  • Plus or minus alimony awarded in this case
  • This will automatically calculate to give you the monthly adjusted actual income, the combined income and the percentage share income
  • The calculator will automatically enter the basic child support obligation from the child support guidelines table
  • Enter any work-related child care expenses, health insurance expenses, extraordinary medical expenses, cash medical support
  • The chart will automatically calculate the total child support obligation and each parent’s child support obligation and the recommended child support amount

You can also print out the chart and fill in and calculate the numbers yourself.  You will need the following guidelines for your calculation.

Download (PDF, 184KB)