Idaho Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Idaho Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Idaho Child Support calculator is based on the Idaho Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines set forth the method of calculating child support requirements for each child and they are based on a number of factors including each parent’s income, costs and other adjustments. The amount you come up with using these guidelines is an estimate only and may differ from an actual child support order due to other factors that a court may take into account.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the Idaho Child Support Guidelines

Download (PDF, 896KB)

Step 2: Make the following calculation for each parent:

Gross Income (includes wages, bonuses, dividends, pensions etc.) + Fringe benefits (includes company care, free housing, etc.) + potential income (underemployment unless disabled) – adjustments to gross income (child support  payments made for other children, spousal maintenance to the parent in this matter etc.) – adjustments to child support award (includes child care expenses, and tax benefits) = Guidelines Income

Step 3: Add the Guidelines Income for each parent.

Step 4: Match the Combined Guidelines Income to the Basic Monthly Child Support Guidelines schedule to determine the monthly amount of child support needed for the children.

Download (PDF, 412KB)

Step 5: Determinations as to which parent pays what amount is based on the individual incomes of the parent and the amount of time each parent spends with the children.