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child support

Child support, in simple terms, is a financial commitment made by the non-custodial parent, that is, the parent who doesn’t primarily live with the child or children, towards their upbringing. This monetary assistance is directed towards the custodial parent, who is the parent that the child or children live with most of the time. The fundamental purpose of child support is to cover various costs associated with raising a child, such as education, healthcare, food, child care, and other day-to-day expenses.

Ultimately, child support is a way for both parents, regardless of their living arrangement or relationship status, to equally share the financial responsibility of bringing up their child or children. It ensures that the child’s welfare is prioritized, and they continue to receive the necessary support to thrive, even after their parents separate or divorce.

  • Child Support Calculator – Payment may be estimated by using every State’s specified calculator.
  • Enforcement – Complaint to be filled-in by a custodial parent when there is non-payment.
  • Laws – View information on the court process and judgement.
  • Login (Make a Payment) – Go to your State’s website and login to pay.

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