Nebraska Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Nebraska Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Nebraska child support calculator, is a PDF document that allows a custodial or noncustodial parent the ability to estimate how much they may have to pay in child support payments. Some of the factors considered in the calculation include each parent’s income and certain expenses including child support paid on behalf of other children.  The amount you calculate will be just an estimate. The actual child support order may be different.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download worksheet

Download (PDF, 113KB)

Step 2: Enter total monthly income from all sources for each parent

Step 3: Enter amounts for the following deductions for each parent

  • Taxes
  • FICA
  • Retirement
  • Child support previously ordered for other children
  • Regular support for other children
  • Total deductions

Step 4: Subtract the total deductions from the total monthly income for each parent to get monthly net income

Step 5: Add the monthly net incomes for each parent together to get the combined monthly net income and then multiply by 12 to get the annual combined net income

Step 6: Get the percent contribution of each parent by dividing each parent’s monthly net income by the combined monthly net income.

Step 7: Look at Table 1 to get the monthly support amount.

Download (PDF, 275KB)

Step 8: Add the health insurance premium to the monthly support amount to get the total obligation

Step 9: To get each parents total share, multiply the total obligation by percent contribution.

Step 10: Subtract any amounts actually paid for health insurance to get the total obligation.