Oregon Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Oregon Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

By Child-Support.com Staff – Last updated

The Oregon Child Support Calculator is an online tool that helps parents estimate how much child support they may be owed or may have to pay.  This calculator just provides an estimate.  The courts may take other information into account and come up with a different amount based on those factors.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Go to this page.

Step 2: Enter parents’ names and select the relationship to the children. Select which children are included in the calculation.

Step 3:  Enter the following information about each parent’s monthly income:

  • Enter gross monthly income
  • Enter amount of other spousal support owed to a parent from anyone
  • Enter amount of other support that a parent owes to anyone
  • Enter each parent’s union dues

Step 4: Enter the following information about each child:

  • Name
  • Number of overnights with each parent

Step 5: Enter the amount of any social security benefit or veteran’s benefit paid to child

Step 6: Enter number of non-joint children for each parent

Step 7: Enter the following healthcare information:

  • Enter amount paid by each parent for health coverage
  • Enter whether the parent has healthcare coverage for the children
  • Enter out-of-pocket costs for the parent to enroll the children

Step 8: Click “continue”

Step 9: Check whether you want medical cash medical support to accrue if not paid and click continue to see calculation

The online calculator is based upon the Oregon child support guidelines.

Download (PDF, 343KB)