Michigan Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Michigan Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The State of Michigan does not have an online formula or worksheet to calculate child support payments, but they do provide a method of calculating if you want to try to estimate what you may owe yourself, or you can fill out a form and send it in to be calculated by the Office of Child Support.

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The State of Michigan uses the following child support formula based on a number of factors including parent’s income and expenses and the amount of time each parent spends with the child.

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How to Calculate

Step 1: First calculate the take home income from all sources (the deductions for FICA and union dues are allowable deductions and will not be included in take home pay).

Step 2: Add in any spousal support received from someone other than the parent involved in this matter.

Step 3: If there are any other children in the household other than the child for who wupport is sought, calculate the amount of health premiums spent on such children and use the additionaly children multiplier to reduce the amount of available income for child support.

Step 4: Solve the following equation to get the Base Support Obligation:

{A + [B x (C – D)]} x E = G
A = Base Support (General Care Support table, column 3)
B = Marginal Percentage (General Care Support table, column 4)
C = Monthly Net Family Income (§3.02(B)(1))
D = Monthly Income Level (General Care Support table, first column)
E = Parent’s Percentage Share of Family Income (§3.01(B)(1))
G = Base Support obligation using the General Care Equation (round to the nearest whole dollar)

Step 5: Michigan calculates an offset to the Base Support Obligation based upon time spent with the children.  Using the Base Support Obligation for each parent found above calculate the parental time offset as set forth on page 15 of the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual.

Step 6: Make any adjustments for medical and child care expenses.