Missouri Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Missouri Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

By Child-Support.com Staff – Last updated

The Missouri Child Support Calculator is a worksheet provided by the Missouri Judiciary to assist parents in figuring out their child support obligation.  The amount calculated is just an estimate and may be different from the actual award due to other circumstances.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the calculator

Download (PDF, 513KB)

Step 2: Enter the following information for each parent

  • Add together monthly gross income plus monthly court-ordered maintenance being received
  • Add together the following adjustments
    • Other monthly child support being paid under court or administrative order
    • Monthly court-ordered maintenance being paid
    • Monthly support obligation for other children.
  • Subtract total adjustments from total gross income to get adjusted gross income for each parent
  • Add the the adjusted gross income from each parent to get the combined adjusted gross income
  • To figure out proportionate share of each parent, divide the combined income by each parent’s adjusted gross income
  • To get the basic child support amount, look at the child support chart using the combined income amount
  • Enter in additional child rearing costs to get the total adjusted child care costs
  • Add the costs to the Basic Child Support Amount to get the total combined child support costs.
  • Multiply this total by the proportionate percentage to get each parent’s obligation.

Download (PDF, 448KB)