Alaska Child Support Enforcement

Alaska Child Support Enforcement




In order to enforce child support payments in Alaska against a parent who has failed to pay, the parent who is supposed to receive the child support payments can contact the Alaska Child Support Services Division (“CSSD”) in order to enforce a child support order. The CSSD may be able to enforce the child support order with wage withholding, tax refund diversion, or bank account attachment.

How to File a Complaint

In Alaska, a parent must pay child support in accordance with the child support order issued by the court of original jurisdiction or an administrative order issued by a child support agency. Child support orders are enforced across state lines by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Payments must be made in accordance with the order that was either issued or agreed upon by both parents.

If payments are not being received, the parent receiving child support may file a Custodian’s Application for Services. This will allow the enforcement division of the Alaska Child Support Services Division to evaluate your request and determine the steps necessary to make sure the funds received.

How to Fill-in

Step 1Download the Form.

Step 2 – Enter the services which you are requesting (i.e. enforcement, modification, new support order, paternity)

Step 3 – Enter the following:

  • Your Information (the person requesting support)
  • Information about the children for whom you are seeking support
  • Information regarding the person who is failing to pay child support
  • Information about the relationship between the parents

Step 4 – The form then must be sent to the following address:
Child Support Services Division
550 W 7th Avenue
Suite 310
Anchorage AK 99501-6699

What the CSSD Can Do

In the event that the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support as set forth in either a judicial or administrative child support order, the Child Support Services Division may take the following steps in order to recover child support owed:

  • Wage Garnishments – Once a person is a month late on child support, the CSSD is permitted to seek wage withholding from the offender’s employer until the obligation is paid.
  • Interception of IRS tax refunds to satisfy child support obligations.
  • Attachment of bank accounts of person failing to pay child support in order to satisfy past due obligations.
  • Other collection methods through the court system.

Contact the Child Support Services Division

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