Rhode Island Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Rhode Island Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Rhode Island Child Support Calculator is based on the income shares model where both parents’ incomes are taken into account and the percentage of each is assessed to determine the amount owed based on the child support guidelines. In addition, certain deductions are allowed.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Start with the weekly gross income of each parent before taxes and before any other deductions.

Step 2: Subtract from each parent health insurance premiums, pre existing child support payments. and any support of additional children to get the adjusted gross income.

Step 3: Add each parent’s adjusted gross income together and then refer to the guideline chart to determine the amount of monthly child support recommended for the number of children that the parents have in common.

Step 4: Determine each parent’ s percentage share of the total monthly child support order from step 3.

Step 5: The non-custodial parent is generally responsible to pay his or her percent of the monthly amount.

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