Kansas Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Kansas Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

By Child-Support.com Staff – Last updated

The Kansas Child Support Calculator is a worksheet through which you can calculate the amount of child support you may have to pay or may be able to receive. The calculator uses the guidelines promulgated by the Kansas Supreme Court, Administrative Order No. 261 and they are the same guidelines used by the court and the Child Support Services when creating and modifying child support orders. This worksheet only provides an estimate of the amount of child support you may be obligated to pay. The Kansas court or CSS may come up with a different amount due to various factors that may be unique to your situation.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download worksheet

Step 2: Enter the following information for each parent to obtain Child Support Income:

  • Gross income from wages +
  • Gross income from self-employment –
  • Business Expenses = Domestic Gross Income
  • Minus the following expenses:
    • Court-Ordered Child Support Paid
    • Court-Ordered Maintenance Paid
  • Plus Court-Ordered Maintenance Received =
  • Child Support Income

Step 3: Compute Child Support

  • Figure out proportionate income by adding parents’ combined income and dividing each parent’s income by the combined income.
  • Find the Gross Support Obligation on the chart for each child using the Combined Income.

  • Add in child care costs and health and dental premiums that each parent pays for the children
  • This is the total child support obligation.  Multiply this amount by the proportional income to get the Basic Child Support Obligation
  • Make any applicable adjustments to get the Net Parental Support Obligation