Ohio Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Ohio Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

By Child-Support.com Staff – Last updated

The Ohio child support calculator is a work sheet based upon state law that courts use to figure out how much child support should be owed.  The worksheet uses state guidelines in determining how much support to award based upon a number of factors including the income of both parents, certain costs including child care costs and health insurance premiums.  Keep in mind that this calculation is only an estimate and the court may have other information or take into consideration other factors that could change the amount.

How to Calculate

Step 1:  Download the worksheet

Download (PDF, 74KB)

Step 2: Enter the following information about each parent

  • annual gross income
  • average of overtime, bonuses for the last three years
  • enter any self-employment income with deductions for ordinary and necessary expenses
  • income from interest and dividends
  • unemployment, disability etc. compensation
  • any other income listed

Step 3:  Add together to get the total annual gross income and multiply by 5% to get the health insurance maximum

Step 4: Enter the following adjustments for each parent, if any:

  • adjustments for other minor children
  • annual court ordered support for other children
  • annual court-ordered spousal support
  • local income taxes
  • mandatory work related deductions

Step 5: Add adjustments together and subtract from amount you get in step 3 to get the adjusted annual gross income for each parent

Step 6: Adjust for poverty guidelines and add the two parental amounts together to get combined annual income

Step 7: Figure out the percentage income amounts for each parent by dividing the combined annual income by the adjusted annual income.

Step 8:  Using the basic support schedule, look for the combined annual income on the chart and enter it where specified.

Download (PDF, 20KB)

Step 9: Multiply the percentage you get for each parent by the basic support amount to get the annual support obligation for each parent.

Step 10: If there are any other deductions related to health insurance or child care, list them and make the necessary adjustments to get the actual annual obligation.