Kentucky Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Kentucky Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

The Kentucky child support calculator is an online method of estimating your potential child support obligation (or the amount you may receive).  The calculator is based upon several factors outlined in the Kentucky child support guidelines. The amount you calculate is just an estimate and may be different from the amount you end up paying or receiving.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Go to the Kentucky Child Support Interactive site.


Step 2: Read disclaimer and click “Agree”

Step 3: Enter number of children and current support obligation amount and click “continue”


Step 4: Enter amount of income, child care costs, health insurance premiums and other support costs, if any, and click “continue”


Step 5:  On this page you will see your estimated payment amount.


The online and manual calculator use the child support guidelines promulgated by the Kentucky legislature to make the calculation. You can download a copy of the latest guidelines from the Child Support Enforcement page of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services of Kentucky website.