Missouri Child Support Enforcement

Missouri Child Support Enforcement

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In order to enforce child support payments in Missouri, a parent may be able to get assistance from the Department of Social Services Child Support Division. The Department of Social Services cannot take any action until they receive information about the non-custodial parent and any child support orders that are outstanding and not being complied with.

How to File a Complaint

In Missouri, a parent is required to make child support payments in accordance with any child support order validly issued by any state in the United States. Child support orders are enforced across state lines. When a parent fails to pay in Missouri, the Department of Social Services may be able to take steps to force a parent to pay.

In order for the Department of Social Services to get involved, a parent seeking enforcement must fill out a child support application and provide information about the child support order, the non-paying parent and the children.  In Missouri, you can fill out an online application or a paper application.

How to Fill-in

Step 1: Download the application

Download (PDF, 176KB)

Step 2:  On page 1 of the application, fill in the following information:

  • Check whether you are the custodial parent, custodian, non custodial parent or alleged father
  • Name of Custodial Parent
  • Date of Birth of Custodial Parent
  • Address of Custodial Parent
  • Phone numbers of Custodial Parent
  • Social Security Number of Custodial Parent
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Name of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Address of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Phone numbers of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Date of Birth of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Birthplace of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Race of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Sex of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Height of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Weight of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Hair Color of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Eye Color of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father
  • Social Security Number of Non Custodial Parent/Alleged Father

Step 3: Enter the following information for each child:

  • Child’s SSN
  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s Date of Birth
  • Child’s Place of Birth
  • Child’s Race
  • Child’s Sex
  • Check whether children were on temporary assistance in another state

Step 4: Enter the following information regarding the relationship between the parents:

  • Marital status of parents
  • Date and location of marriage if any
  • Date and location of divorce, if any
  • Check whether the parents lived in Missouri when they were married
  • Check whether the parents lived outside of Missouri after children were born
  • Check whether the parents have filed for divorce and if so where
  • Is the Non custodial parent/alleged father married to someone else?
  • If so list name
  • Was the mother married to a man other than the non custodial parent/alleged father when she became pregnant or the children were born?
  • If yes, list name
  • Have child support payments been ordered by a court? List court information, date amount and frequency, if yes.
  • List how often child support is paid and how much
  • Check off custody information
  • Enter information if you are the custodian but not a parent
  • Complete paternity information
  • Complete information about mother’s location when she became pregnant
  • Complete information about location of custodial parent after children were born

Step 5: On page 3 of the application enter the following information:

  • Does the non custodial  parent/alleged father attend school?
  • If yes, put in school name and location
  • If not in school list high school or college last attended by non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Usual occupation of non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Does the non custodial parent/alleged father belong to a union
  • If so, list name, local and location
  • Is the non custodial parent/alleged father employed?
  • If yes, list name, address and phone number of employer and work hours
  • List past employment information of the non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Real estate ownership information of non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Personal property of non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Income sources of non custodial parent/alleged father
  • Do the children receive social security benefits because of the  non custodial parent/alleged father’s disability
  • If so list amounts and dates
  • Is the  non custodial parent/alleged father in the military?
  • If so, provide information
  • Is the  non custodial parent/alleged father in prison?
  • If so provide information
  • Does the  non custodial parent/alleged father have a bank account?
  • If so, provide information

Step 6: List the following information on the 4th page of the application

  • Are the children covered by health insurance other than Medicaid?
  • If so, provide information about insurance coverage
  • Provide names and addresses of  non custodial parent/alleged father’s parents.
  • Provide any other information about  non custodial parent/alleged father that may be helpful
  • Check what services you are seeking

Step 7: Read the information and disclaimers, sign and date and mail with required documentation to :

Family Support Division
PO Box 6790
Jefferson City, MO 65102–6790

What DSS Can Do

The Department of Social Services can take several actions to help with child support including, establishing and modifying child support orders, establishing paternity and locating missing parents. In addition, they can impose enforcement methods such as wage withholding, tax refund intercept and liens on the non-paying parent to force them to pay their obligated amount.

Contact DSS

Family Support Division
PO Box 6790
Jefferson City MO 65102-6790