Georgia Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Georgia Child Support Calculator is a way in which a parent or custodian can estimate the amount of child support he or she will have to pay or receive. The calculator is based on the Georgia child support guidelines set forth under OGCA 19-6-15 and incorporates a number of factors, including income of the parents, unemployment, payments made for health insurance and child care. Be aware that in using this calculator, you will only have an estimate. The amount could be changed by the court based on other factors including your unique family situation.

Download (PDF, 192KB)

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the worksheet.

Download (PDF, 289KB)

Step 2: Enter the following information per te instructions for each parent plus the combined amount:

  • Parents’ monthly gross income
  • Parent’s percentage of total income
  • Basic Child Support Obligation
    (BCSO) from attached Child Support
    Obligation Table
  • Monthly BCSO amount for each
  • Monthly Work Related Child Care
  • Monthly Health Insurance premium
    paid for the Children
  • Total Monthly Work Related Child
    Care and Health Insurance Costs
  • Parents’ percentage (%) of Income
  • Parents’ share of Work Related Child
    Care and Health Insurance Costs
  • Parents’ Adjusted Child Support
    Obligation – Each parent’s monthly BCSO
    plus parent’s share of work related
    child care expenses & health insurance costs
  • Credit for Monthly Amounts parents
    actually pay or will pay for Work-
    Related Child Care and/or Health
    Insurance Costs
  • Total Parents’ Presumptive Child Support Obligation
  • Subtract Social Security offset – If a child receives Title II Social Security benefits (i.e., RSDI/SSD for parent’s disability /retirement) as a dependent on noncustodial parent’s account, enter monthly amount child receives under that parent’s
    column. If none, enter zero.
  • Final monthly child support obligation amount for each parentThe chart below shows the Basic Child Support Obligation (BCSO) based on income and number of children.

Download (PDF, 75KB)