New Hampshire Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

New Hampshire Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The New Hampshire child support calculator, is either an online automatic calculation or a manual Adobe PDF form. The calculator is an estimate only that can be used to get a sense of what may be owed, but the court may take other things into consideration when coming up with the child support order. In order to fill out the forms, you will need the gross income of both parents as well as allowable expenses.

How to Calculate

Step 1 – Go to this site.


Step 2: Enter the number of children

Step 3: Enter the following information for each parent:

  • All income received monthly before taxes
  • Monthly amount of court ordered support paid for children not included above.
  • If self-employed, enter 50% of the monthly self-employment tax.
  • Monthly payment amount of any mandatory retirement. Do NOT include any voluntary payments.
  • Monthly payment of state income tax (if applicable).
  • Monthly payment for work-related child-care and necessary work-related education and training.
  • Monthly payment for medical insurance paid on behalf of children included above.

Step 4: Click “submit” to get the estimated amount.

The online calculator and the Adobe PDF Calculator uses the guidelines set forth below for the calculation.

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Download (PDF, 1.89MB)