South Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

South Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The South Carolina Child Support Calculator is an online service which automatically calculates the amount of child support may be owed by a given parent in a given situation.  The amount that is calculated using this services is only an estimate and may be different from the actual child support order.  The calculator uses state child support guidelines to come up with the estimate.

How to calculate:

Step 1: Go to this page:


Step 2: Enter the following information:

  • the number of children
  • who has custody
  • if there is a split custody arrangement
  • Monthly Gross Income of each parent
  • Monthly Alimony (between these parents only)
  • Other Monthly Alimony or Child Support Paid
  • Number of other children in the home
  • Health Insurance Premium (portion covering these children only)
  • Child(ren)’s Extraordinary Medical Expenses
  • Work-related Child Care Costs
  • Actual monthly child care paid (portion covering these children only)
  • Child Care Tax Credit (actual amount claimed on State and Federal Return)

Step 3: Click “Calculate”

Download (PDF, 1.85MB)