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The Arizona Child Support Calculator is an interactive calculator whereby you can enter the relevant information that pertains to your circumstances and the calculator will automatically calculate an estimated child support amount. This amount is just an estimate and may be different once the child support order is issued.

How to Calculate

Step 1:  Go to This Website:


Step 2: Choose either the 2015 calculator or 2011 calculator depending on the the date the relevant child support order or modification was issued.

Step 3: Fill out the form as follows:

  • In Part 1, enter Preparer Type and Name of Filer
  • Enter Petitioner and Respondent Name and a case number, if any
  • In Part 2, enter relevent time sharing arrangement
  • Enter in the names, dates of birth and age of the children
  • Enter the grade information.
  • The presumptive termination date automatically calculates based on age of youngest child.
  • In Part 3, enter income information as follows:
    • Income
    • Gross Monthly Income
    • Court-ordered spousal maintenance (paid)
    • Court-ordered spousal maintenance (received)
    • Custodial parent to other child(ren) subject of court order(s)
    • Court-ordered child support paid for children of other relationships
    • Other natural or adopted children not subject of court order(s)
    • Alternate Deduction (only if less than standard)
    • Standard Deduction
    • Adjusted Gross Monthly Income
    • Combined Adjusted Gross Monthly Income
    • Enter number of children
  • Enter any additions, such as extra educational expenses, medical, dental and childcare costs

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