Delaware Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Delaware Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The Delaware child support calculator is an online method of calculating your estimated child support based upon the guidelines put in place by the State of Delaware.  The calculator will only provide an estimate and the actual amount of child support awarded may be different depending on your unique circumstances.

How to Calculate

Step 1:  Go to the Family Court Child Support Calculator webpage.

Step 2: Read disclaimer and click “continue”

Step 3: Enter the wages and/or self employed income earned by each parent

Step 4: Enter any additional non-wage income earned by each parent

Step 5: Enter city tax percentage for each parent

Step 6: Enter amout of alimony, if any, paid by each parent

Step 7: Enter qualified monthly deductions, including medical insurance paid, union dues, qualified pension and disability

Step 8: Enter child’s primary support need, which incudes number of children, child care expenses, education and medical expenses.

Step 9: Enter whether there are children not part of the action

Step 10: Enter whether the person seeking support is a parent

Step 11: Enter parenting time adjustment

Step 12: Click “submit”

For additional instructions, go can Download the Delaware Calculator Instructions here.