Maine Child Support Enforcement

Maine Child Support Enforcement

By Staff – Last updated August 19

In order to enforce child support payments in Maine, a custodial parent may be able to obtain assistance from the Division of  Support Enforcement and Recovery.  DSER may be able to find the parent, if he or she is missing and use enforcement tactics, such as tax refund diversion and wage garnishment to force payment.

How to File a Complaint

In Maine, parents are obligated to financially support their children, even if they are no longer residing in the home with them.  If a parent is not meeting their obligation, the other parent may file an application with DSER to commence enforcement proceedings. In order for the Division to assist you, you will need to provide as much information as possible about the other parent, your children and any existing child support orders.  The more information you provide, the better they will be able to help you.  The first step is to fill out an application.

How to Fill In

Step 1: Download the application.

Download (PDF, 314KB)

Step 2: Read the first two pages and then fill in the following information on page 3:

  • Your Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Employer
  • Work phone
  • Employer Address
  • Has the other parent lived with you in Maine?
  • Date separated from other parent
  • Have you ever been the victim of domestic violence committed by the other parent?
  • Have the children for whom you are seeking support ever been the victims of domestic violence committed by the other parent?
  • Have you ever obtained a restraining order against the other parent?
  • Do you currently employ an attorney or private agency for the collection of child support?

Step 3: On page 4, enter the following information about each child:

  • Child’s Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN
  • Place of Birth
  • Your relationship to the Child
  • Was the Child Conceived in Maine?
  • Paternity Established?
  • Child Born from Marriage?

Step 4: On page 5, enter the following information about your marital status, if applicable and the non-custodial parent:

  • From the time you became pregnant until the birth of your child, were you married to someone other than the person you named above as the parent?
  • If yes, what was the date of the marriage
  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Last Known Address
  • Other Parents Name
  • Social Security No.
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Fathers Full Name
  • Mothers Maiden Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Employer Name
  • Work Phone
  • Employer Address
  • What is the other parent’s usual occupation/trade?
  • Does the other parent have any professional or trade licenses?
  • Does the other parent own any property?
  • Has the other parent ever been a member of the US military?

Step 5: On page 6, enter the following information about health insurance and previous support orders:

  • Health Insurance Ordered?
  • Is insurance currently being provided as ordered?
  • If yes Insurer’s Name
  • Type of coverage
  • Effective Date
  • Policy #
  • Has there ever been an order for support with the other parent?
  • Type of Order
  • Has the other parent missed any payments?

Step 6: If you have ever had child support paid to you by this parent, fill out page seven

Step 7: Read the contract carefully and sign and date.

Step 8: Make sure to provide the following documents with your signed application:

  • birth certificates for the children
  • copies of existing child support orders

Mail the application, supporting documents and a check for $25 to the following address:

Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery
11 State House Station
19 Union Street
Augusta, ME 04333

What DSER Can Do

  • establish paternity
  • establish new child support orders
  • locate missing parents
  • enforce child support obligations
  • receiving and distributing child support payments
  • modifying child support orders

Contact DSER:

Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery
11 State House Station
19 Union Street
Augusta, ME 04333

(207) 624-4168