New Hampshire Child Support Enforcement

New Hampshire Child Support Enforcement

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In order to enforce child support payments in New Hampshire, a parent may contact their local office for the Division of Child Support Services to apply for assistance.  DCSS will assist parents in enforcing an order that is a month or more in arrears. In New Hampshire, with some exceptions, parents are obligated to support their children until they reach the age of 18 or graduate from high school – whichever is later.   Any child support funds DCSS is able to obtain will be disbursed through the New Hampshire State Disbursement Unit.

How to File a Complaint

In New Hampshire, if there is a court order to pay child support, then a parent must pay or else be subject to enforcement action.  Even if there is a child support order issued out of state, it can be enforced in New Hampshire, because child support orders are enforced across state lines under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

Child support payments will be paid to the New Hampshire State Disbursement Unit and will be disbursed to the receiving parent thereafter.  In order to obtain these services, a parent must fill out an application.  Applications can be obtained at your local office of the Department of Health and Human Services or by sending a request for an application through email.

To find your local office, download this page:

Download (PDF, 55KB)

To obtain an application via email, go to this site:

nhlocal office

What DCSS Can Do

DCSS can take a number of actions to enforce child support orders including the following:

  • License Revocation – DCSS will revoke, suspend or deny a Payor’s license, including:
    • Driver’s (operator and CDL)
    • Any Occupational/Professional (medical, plumbing, teaching, cosmetology, etc.)
    • Sporting (hunting and fishing)
  • Notify Credit Bureaus – Provide the amount of the arrearages and last payment made to credit bureaus
  • Submit for Federal Tax Offset and intercept the Payor’s tax refund
  • Deny a Passport – Notify the federal passport agency to deny issuing or renewing a passport
  • Place a lien against the Payor’s assets. ( personal & real property)
  • Intercept Lottery Prizes – Take the portion of a lottery prize equal to the amount of the arrearage
  • Class B felony if the support arrearage has remained unpaid for a cumulative period of more than one year

Contact DCSS


Division of Child Support Services
NH Department of Health & Human Services
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301


(800) 852-3345, ext. 4427


(603) 271-4787


Go to this site.

nhlocal office