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The Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement (“OCSE”) helps custodial parents and guardians establish child support using guidelines established by the Arkansas Supreme Court. OCSE also will help establish medical support. In addition, OCSE will help guardians and custodial parents enforce child support orders. OCSE also provides payment processing services through a clearinghouse.

Arkansas Child Support Login | Make a PaymentArkansas provides a method for parents to keep track of their child support case and obligations online. If a parent registers with Arkansas website, they can also make child support payments online and keep track of payments made. How to Enroll Step 1: In order to enroll in the online payments system, go to this website:  Arkansas Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Arkansas Child Support Calculator | GuidelinesThe Arkansas Child Support Calculator allows you to enter your financial information in an online format. Once the information is correctly entered, the website will calculate an estimated amount of child support you may owe. Please keep in mind that this is just an estimate. An actual child support order issued may include factors not considered in in this calculator and a court may order you to pay a different amount. To get an estimate of the child support owed:  Arkansas Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Arkansas Child Support EnforcementIf a parent needs to enforce child support payments in Arkansas that are owed them by another parent, the parent can contact the Arkansas Office of  Child Support Enforcement (“OCSE”) for assistance in enforcing the order. Some actions the OCSE may be able to take include, income withholding, working with other states to enforce orders and obtaining court assistance.  Arkansas Child Support Enforcement

Arkansas Child Support Laws | Arkansas Administrative Order No. 10 as amendedThe Arkansas child support guidelines provide instruction as to how the amount of child support payable for the care of a child will be determined upon the divorce or separation of the parents. The guidelines take into account a number of factors including income of the parents, needs of the children (including basic needs and medical needs), as well as other considerations. To view the current Arkansas Administrative Orders, please visit:   Arkansas Child Support Laws | Arkansas Administrative Order No. 10 as amended

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