Maine Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Maine Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

By Staff – Last updated August 19

The Maine child support calculator is in the form of a .pdf worksheet.  The worksheet is used by the Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery and the courts to determine how much child support a parent is obligated to pay.  You can get an estimate by filling in the amounts yourself, but keep in mind that there may be other factors considered by the court or DSER that can change the amount.

How to Calculate

Step 1 – Download the Calculator Worksheet.

Step 2: Enter the following yearly information in the specified boxes:

  • Gross income for each parent
  • Minus support paid to former spouse for each parent
  • Minus support paid for other children for each parent
  • If there are other children living with the non-custodial parent – follow the instructions for entering the calculation for this box
  • This will give you the Adjusted Yearly Gross Income for each parent
  • Add these together to get the Combined adjusted gross income
  • Divide each parent’s income by the combined income to get the percentage share of gross income
  • Add together the Basic Weekly Support amounts for each child based on the guidelines table (note that there are different amounts for different ages)
  • Add the cost of medical insurance premiums
  • Add child care costs
  • Add extraordinary medical expenses
  • Multiply the percentage share times the total support obligation to get the non-custodial parent support obligation

Step 3: See Child Support Guidelines.