Arkansas Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Arkansas Child Support Calculator | Guidelines




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The Arkansas Child Support Calculator allows you to enter your financial information in an online format. Once the information is correctly entered, the website will calculate an estimated amount of child support you may owe. Please keep in mind that this is just an estimate. An actual child support order issued may include factors not considered in this calculator and a court may order you to pay a different amount.

How to Calculate

Step 1:  Go to this website.


Step 2: Fill out the form as follows:

  • Enter the number of children involved in the child support action
  • Enter your Gross Income
  • Enter the amount of federal income taxes withheld
  • Enter the amount of state income taxes withheld
  • Enter the amount of FICA and Medicare withheld
  • Enter the amount of Health Insurance  premiums paid for children only
  • Enter any court ordered child support amount if any

Step 3:  Click on continue and your estimated child support amout owed will be automatically calculated.

The Arkansas Child Support Calculator calcuates the amount of child support owed based on a formula set forth in the Arkansas Supreme Court Adminstrative Order No. 10 as amended.

In order to use the income charts to calculate child support owed, you need to figure out the correct amount of income earned and look for that amount on either the weekly chart, the biweekly chart, or monthly chart, depending on your pay period. Income means all sources of income, minus certain deductions including federal and state income tax, social security and medicare withholding, medical insurance paid for dependent children and child support paid for other children. Once you figure out your income, you can find that amount on the chart and then look across to the number of children for whom you will pay support to see the amount per pay period you may owe. This is an estimate only and other factors may be taken into consideration by the court that would change this amount.