Arizona Child Support Login | Make a Payment

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Arizona allows parents who have a child support obligation for children in Arizona to make child support payments online. In addition, parents who are expecting payment may be able to sign-in and view their balance and all previous payments made into their account. Online access is available 24/7.

Note – All payments made after 7:30 PM EST M-F will be officially recorded on the next business day.

How to Enroll

Step 1: In order to enroll in the online payments system, go to This Website:


Step 2: On the right side, enter in the ATLAS number which is a number issued by the court from which the child support order was issued.

Step 3: Enter last 5 digits of social security number

Step 4: Submit – you will need an email address and will set up a user name and password.

How to Login:

Step 1: If you are already registered and want to login, go to This Page:


Step 2: On the left side, enter your user name and password and click “login”.

  • Forgot Username: If you forgot your username, click the blue link below the login on this page and enter your email address.


  • Forgot Password: If you forgot your password, click on the blue link below the login and enter your username and email address on this page.


How to Apply for Child Support

In Arizona, in order to apply for child support you can go to your local office and obtain a form or download a form online.  In order to find the closest office, go to This Website and enter your zip code:


Bring the following information to your local office when you are ready to apply:

  • Name and address of the parent obligated to pay
  • Noncustodial parent’s Social Security number
  • Birth certificates of the child(ren)
  • Name and address of the current or most recent employer of the noncustodial parent
  • Names of friends and relatives and names of organizations to which the noncustodial parent might belong
  • Information pertaining to income and other assets, pay check stubs, tax returns, bank accounts, investments or property holdings of the noncustodial parent
  • Any other information about the identity and whereabouts of the noncustodial parent
  • One copy of the court order that pertains to child support or paternity of the child
  • Copies of court orders concerning the parents and/or children:i.e.: marriage, divorce, adoption documents
  • One copy of all orders/modifications that pertain to child support
  • One copy of all payment records pertaining to your case, if payment is ordered through a Clerk of Court
  • If establishment of paternity is needed, a copy of the child’s birth certificate along with any written statements (letters or notes) in which the alleged father has said or implied that he is the father of the child(ren)
  • If establishment of a court order is needed, an Affidavit of Financial Information will be needed

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