Connecticut Child Support Calculator – Guidelines

Connecticut Child Support Calculator - Guidelines

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The Connecticut Child Support Calculator sets forth a method by which you can calculate a child support obligation based on a formula and schedule specified in Connecticut statutes and outlined in a child support pamphlet prepared by the State of Connecticut. The amount you calculate will just be an estimate.  The actual amount ordered by the court may be higher or lower depending on your specific circumstances.

Download the Commission for Child Support Guidelines (PDF, 431KB)

How to Calculate

Step 1Download this worksheet.

Step 2: Fill out the form as follows:

  • Enter the names of the mother and the father
  • Enter the name of the court and case number
  • Enter the number of children
  • Enter names and dates of birth of all of the children

Step 3: Fill out the following information 

  • Gross income
    • Number of hours used in calculation
  • Federal income tax (based on all allowable exemptions, deductions and credits)
  • Social security tax or mandatory retirement
  • Medicare tax
  • State and local income tax (based on all allowable exemptions, deductions and credits)
  • Medical/hospital/dental insurance premiums (including Husky) for parent and all legal dependents
  • Court-ordered life insurance for benefit of child
  • Court-ordered disability insurance
  • Mandatory union dues or fees (if deducted by employer)
  • Mandatory uniforms and tools (if deducted by employer)
  • Non-arrearage payments on court-ordered alimony and child support awards

Step 4: Figure out imputed support obligation as follows: 

  • Add all of the amounts for each parent in Step 3 except gross income and subtract from 1.
  • Enter the current support amount for qualified children plus children for whom support is being determined divided by the number of children – this is the imputed support obligation

Step 5: Add all the amounts in Step 3, plus the imputed support obligation and subtract from 1 – this is net income.

Step 6: To figure out support obligation, make the following calculations:

  • add the net income of both parents
  • enter in the basic child support obligation from the schedule below:

Download Connecticut Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations (PDF, 253KB)

  • take each parent’s net income divided by the combined income and multiply by 100%
  • multiply this percent for each parent and multiply by the basic support obligation to come up with each parent’s basic child support obligation

Step 7: If there are any extraneous considerations, enter those as directed on the second page of the worksheet.

Again, although the court uses these guidelines to come up with your child support obligation, the amount you calculate may be changed by a court order which may take into account other factors. This is an estimate.