Oregon Child Support Enforcement

Oregon Child Support Enforcement

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In order to enforce child support payments in Oregon a parent not receiving court ordered child support payments from the other parent may be able to receive help from the Division of Child Support.  In Oregon, parents must pay whatever child support has been ordered by any court in any state of the United States until the order has been modified or terminated.  The Division of Child Support can assist with enforcing orders, even if they are out of state because of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

How to File a Complaint

In Oregon, in order to receive assistance from the Division of Child Support, you must first fill out an application.  You will have to provide information to DCS about yourself, your children and the other parent as well as provide copies of any existing child support orders.  This will help DCS to evaluate your complaint and better assist you as you seek to enforce the child support order.

How to Fill-in

Step 1Download the form (Adobe PDF).

Download (PDF, 63KB)

Step 2: Enter your name as the applicant and whether paternity has been established

Step 3: Enter whether there is an existing order and if yes, information about each order and whether you want them reviewed for a possible modification and collection of arrears.  Check whether there are any other orders in any state and whether there is any pending legal action

Step 4:  Enter the following information about both the non custodial parent and the custodial parent:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Birth Date
  • Employer name and address

Step 5: Enter the following information about language:

  • If you do not speak or read English, what language do you speak?
  • What language do you read?
  • Do you need an interpreter?
  • If the other party does not speak or read English, what language does he/she speak?
  • What language does he/she read?
  • Does he/she need an interpreter?

Step 6: Check whether you have received or made support payments through an escrow agent as well as the information about the escrow agent.

Step 7: Enter the following information about the children of the relationship:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Birth date
  • Soc. Sec. No.
  • Is there health care coverage for the children?
  • If yes: Who is policy holder?
  • Insurance Company Policy number
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Has the custodial parent or the child(ren) ever received cash assistance in any state?
  • If yes, what state? Who received the cash assistance?

Step 8: Sign and date and send to: CSP, 4600 25th Ave NE, Suite 180, Salem Oregon 97301 or bring to your local Child Support Office.

What DCS Can Do

DCS can take any or all of the following action to enforce child support payments by parents who refuse to pay:

  • Collecting federal or state tax refunds
  • Placing a lien against property owned by the parent and located in Oregon
  • Garnishing income including lottery winnings, insurance settlements or inheritance.
  • Suspending driver’s, occupational or recreational licenses.
  • Suspending a passport.
  • Credit reporting
  • Contempt of court

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