North Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

North Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

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The North Carolina child support calculator, is an online resource which allows a noncustodial parent the ability to estimate how much they may have to pay in child support on a monthly basis. The noncustodial parent’s gross income along with the costs of child care and health insurance premiums will be needed in order to complete.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Go to this page.


Step 2: Enter in the number of children for whom child support is sought.

Step 3: Enter the monthly gross income for each parent

Step 4: Enter any pre-exiting child support payment for each parent

Step 5: Enter the number of other children for each parent

Step 6: Enter work related child care costs paid for each parent

Step 7: Enter health insurance premium costs for each parent

Step 8: Enter any extraordinary expenses for each parent

Step 9: Click “compute”

The online calculator is based on the child support guidelines set forth by the North Carolina Judiciary set forth here.

Download (PDF, 227KB)

If you want to do the computation on a separate worksheet, you can use this .pdf calculator.  This is also based on the child support guidelines.

Download (PDF, 343KB)