Louisiana Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

The Louisiana Child Support Calculator is a worksheet set forth in Louisiana Revised Statutes Chapter 9 Section 315 which allows an interested party to estimate how much child support they may or may not have to pay using the income guidelines set forth in the statutes. The calculator takes into account many factors including parents’ income, parents’ expenses, the number of children and certain costs of raising the child. The amount you calculate using this worksheet is just an estimate. Louisiana authorities may factor in certain circumstances that are unique to your situation that could change the results.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download the worksheet.

Download (PDF, 7KB)

Step 2: Enter the following information:

  • Monthly Gross Income for each parent minus
  • Preexisting child support payment minus
  • Preexisting spousal support payment equals
  • Monthly Adjusted Gross Income
  • To get combined monthly adjusted gross income, add together the monthly adjusted gross income for each parent
  • To get the Percentage Share of Income divide the monthly adjusted gross income for each parent by the combined monthly adjusted gross income
  • To get the basic support obligation compare the combined monthly adjusted gross income with the child support schedule.
  • Add Net Child Care Costs, Child’s Health Insurance Premium Cost, Extraordinary Medical Expenses, Extraordinary Expenses to the Basic Child Support Obligation to obtain the Total Child Support Obligation
  • To obtain each parent’s obligation, multiply the percentage share of income by the Total Support Obligation
  • Subtract any payments received by custodial parent from non-custodial parent