Nevada Child Support Enforcement

In order to enforce child support payments in Nevada, a parent who is not receiving payments due from the other parent may be able to contact the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. The agency may be able to contact the other parent and, if necessary, take enforcement action such as automatic paycheck withdrawals, liens on property or tax refund intercept.

How to File a Complaint

In Nevada, a parent must pay child support if ordered to do so by any state.  Child support orders are enforced across state lines by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.  Payments must be made in accordance with the order that was either issued or agreed upon by both parents unless modified.

How to Fill-in

Step 1Download the form (Adobe PDF).

Download (PDF, 199KB)

Step 2: Read the first two pages of instruction and on the third page enter the following information about you as custodian of the children:

  • Name
  • Other Last Names Used
  • Resident Address (City, County, State & Zip Code)
  • How long lived in Nevada?
  • Mailing Address (If different than above)
  • Home Phone No.
  • Work Phone No.
  • Cell Phone No.
  • E-Mail Address:
  • Social Security No.
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Place
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Race
  • Employer Name & Address (City, State, & Zip Code)
  • Job Title
  • Relationship status
  • What is your relationship to the children? (Mother, father, grandparent, etc.)
  • Date children began living with you (month/year)?
  • Do you and the children have satisfactory medical/health insurance (not Medicaid)?
  • Monthly cost?
  • Is medical/health insurance available with your employer?
  • Monthly cost?
  • Did you apply for TANF cash assistance?
  • If Yes, where? (City, State)
  • When? (Month/Year)
  • Have you or the children received TANF cash assistance in the past?
  • If Yes, where? (City, State)
  • What year?

Step 3: Enter the following information about each child

  • Child’s Name
  • Gender
  • Pregnancy began in what state?
  • Social Security No.
  • Birth Place:
  • Birth Date:
  • Race
  • How long has child lived in Nevada?
  • Child’s Parents’ relationship
  • Date mother stopped living with child
  • Date father stopped living with child
  • Date Parents Married
  • City, State
  • Date Parents Divorced
  • City, State
  • Mother’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • On birth record?

Step 4: Enter the following information about the non-custodial parent

  • Name (Last, First, Middle)
  • Other Names Used
  • Address
  • Mailing Address (If different than above)
  • Home Phone No.
  • Work Phone No.
  • Cell Phone No.
  • E-Mail Address
  • Social Security No.
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Place
  • City, State
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Race
  • Describe any scars, birthmarks or tattoos
  • Mother or Father?
  • Relationship status
  • Has the parent been in jail or prison?
  • If Yes, where? (City, State)
  • When?
  • At any time was the mother married to
    this non-custodial parent?
  • Date of Marriage
  • Date of Divorce
  • Was the mother married to someone else?
  • Are there other possible fathers?
  • Existing Child Support Order? Yes No
  • If Yes, from what City, State?
  • Last support payment date
  • Employer Name & Address (City, State)
  • Current Employer
  • Former Employer
  • Type of work
  • Union Member
  • If Yes, what union?
  • Union Address (City, State) and phone no.
  • Military Service
  • If Yes, what branch?
  • Other Income:
  • Does the parent have medical/health insurance for the children?
  • Are the children covered?
  • Name & address of insurance company
  • Policy No.
  • Group No.
  • Vehicles (car, boat, trailer, RV, etc.)?
  • Make: Model:
  • Year:
  • License #:
  • State:
  • Property Owned (home, land, buildings, etc.)?
  • Address/Location (City, State)
  • Bank Accounts (Checking, Savings, CD, IRA, Retirement, etc.)?
  • Location (Bank name, City, State)

Step 5: On the next page enter in the payment history, if any, and then sign and date and send or bring to your local child support office.

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What DWSS Can Do

DWSS can take a number of actions to enforce child support orders including wage garnishment, tax refund intercept, property liens, or other methods to obtain back pay.

Contact DWSS

Child Support Enforcement Program
1470 College Parkway
Carson City, Nevada 89706-7924
Office: (775) 684-0705
Fax: (775) 684-0702
Customer Service: (775) 684-7200
Customer Service: (702) 486-1646
Toll Free: (800) 992-0900